The Long Beach Street Food Festival – Raising Charity to Gourmet Heights

Not everyone can enjoy the best of gourmet food while listening to the invigorating music of cool bands, and relishing the just-as-cool harbor breezes as well, but that’s exactly what my friends and I did during the Long Beach Street Food Festival last June 2010. And you’re right; first time-one time wasn’t enough, so we went back again in 2011… and again in 2012!

If you’re wondering what keeps drawing us back in, it’s actually more than just the  terrific ambiance, the perfectly adorable prices, the great food (and the awesome company, of course!).

More than anything else, it’s about being able to help others as well, while being only half-aware that you’re doing so, because you’re simply just having a great, great time!

That’s why each time I think of the Long Beach Street Food Festival, I think of it as, you know, raising charity to gourmet heights. It’s just so nom-nom-nom-yummy cool!

Long Beach Food Festival

Long Beach Food Festival
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*Photos taken by Gina M. Thanks Gina! (Visit her website here)


Lomo Arigato’s Lomo Saltado *Photo by Gina M.

Lomo Arigato’s Lomo Saltado
*Photo by Gina M.

Trucks ‘R They

From the time I was a kid, I’ve always thought of truckers as big, burly guys with only two things on their mind: speed for their rigs and where the nearest truck stop was. Well yeah, okay, obviously, I was wrong.

The Long Beach Street Food Festival truckers we met had more than rigs, speed, and truck stops on their mind. Delicious food and helping out for a cause obviously occupied top spot.

Food, Glorious Food

Of all the Fests that we attended, my favorite experience was during the 2011 version. It was a Saturday and the Gourmet Food Trucks were there laden with all kinds of tempting food much earlier than the start of the event which was scheduled to begin at 10:30 in the morning.

My friends and I came prepared to eat, laze, and enjoy the cool breeze of the harbor.

We had learned our lesson from 2010’s event and so came early the next year, but surprisingly, the lines we encountered that day in July 2011 weren’t that bad. And it wasn’t because there were less people that time (if anything, it looked like there were even more!)l, but rather I think because people already knew what to expect and were calmer about anticipating the treats.

Tales from the Awesome Nom Nom Truck

Tacos from Border Grill Truck *Photo by Gina M.

Tacos from Border Grill Truck
*Photo by Gina M.

Top must-haves on our list were the selections from the Nom Nom Truck. I got a  Lemongrass Chicken Bahn Mi and whooo! Each bite felt like I’d died and gone to food heaven. The veggies were crispy, not soggy and the chicken was everything I could ask for – yummy crunchy on the outside but delicious moist and tender on the inside! Sorry mom, if you’re reading this, but it sure was better than the chicken sandwiches you make har har).

A few others that I remember eating were Bacon Spicy Cheesy Wiener & Bacon Blue Iggys from The Greasy Wiener, Shrimp & Chips from Shrimp Pimp, and the Baco Fiesta from Lardon.

It’s been some time since then, but the memory of the taste of the food that we pigged out on has just stuck to my mind. So, guys, if you haven’t tried out the Long Beach Street Food Festival, let me tell you, you’ve missed one great event that the locals in Long Beach are very proud of.  Overused as it is, the only word to describe events like this would be: “Awesome!”