Great Surprises, Awesome Fun at Long Beach, California

What’s so special about Long Beach, California? Isn’t it, as its name implies, just one heck of a really long beach? If only it were that simple, there wouldn’t be any need to give its numerous visitors directions on where to find the best dining places, the coolest bars and clubs, the trendiest shops, the superlative museums, and of course, the romantic gondola plying the canals of Naples for…

What’s that? Long Beach has canals and a gondola?

You got that right. More than one gondola, actually.

In Long Beach, California, you can ride on a gondola and experience the romance of a Venetian slow cruise, without actually having to be in Venice.

That’s one of the great surprises that Long Beach has in store for its visitors.

Gondola Getaway Long Beach

Cruise along Long Beach with Gondola Getaway.
Enjoy a new experience by taking a scenic ride on a gondola, with music and snacks.

Leisurely Lifestyle

As one of the busiest port cities in the United States, it’s amazing how Long Beach, California residents can have the relaxed, friendly vibe that tourists notice right away and adapt to, with much pleasure.

First time visitors find that shopping in Long Beach does not require being in the city proper all the time. Like the ever-present restaurants dotting the landscape, there are also several trendy clothing stores and specialty shops strategically positioned in various districts.

After shopping, guests can take a leisurely gondola ride, or simply walk in the area of Belmont Shore to marvel at a neighborhood with small but very expensive houses.

Those houses are not priced competitively because they are very close to the beach. In those private areas, it’s easy to sunbathe, a treat that most locals in that spot avail of frequently.

The attraction of the beach is such that during summer, council officers are forced to close off to vehicular traffic in Bay Shore Avenue (on both sides of Second Street) because there are just too many pedestrians that it’s impossible for vehicles to pass.

Rent Some Easy FunJet Ski at Long Beach

Aside from walking, there are many other ways to enjoy the shoreline of Long Beach. It’s easy to rent kayaks, boats, and wind surfboards.  For the more adventuresome, there are also jet skis for rent. If you want to depart from the usual tourist trips, you can go to Pierpoint Landing and go on a relaxing but fun fishing excursion. There are options for 1/2 day, 3/4 day, and overnight trips.  Pierpont Landing can also arrange for diving and seasonal whale watching trips. Special private group charters can be made to include anywhere from 6 to 140+ passengers.

Safety First Principle

What’s great about Long Beach rentals is that the principle of safety first, above everything else is strictly observed. Freed from worry, travelers can deepen their enjoyment of going on mini-cruises that they themselves can man. 17’ or 19’ runabout powerboats can rented and the trip can take you around the historic Long Beach waterfront, where you can also see international freighters passing by. You can also rent 21’ Duffy electric boats that come with dining amenities. Enjoy a picnic on board while savoring the breeze, the spray of the water and the laid back and friendly atmosphere found in Long Beach, California.