Experience the Bold Colors of Life in Long Beach, California

Boredom is a strange concept in Long Beach, California. It’s because Long Beach is a city that showcases the dynamic and the functional, the artistic and the practical.

It’s a city full of PEP– people, events, and places that resonate with history, culture, and modernity, enticing us to experience the bold colors of life on a daily basis.

Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California

Rich Cultural Tapestry

Through the years, Long Beach has witnessed the flourishing of various cultures and social eras that have all contributed into making Long Beach what it is today – one of the most favorite travel destinations in the United States.

Indigenous people, Spanish explorers, descendants of the original settlers from Europe, and immigrants from Asia and Latin America have all imparted their history, culture, and sense of community to fashion Long Beach into one of America’s most vibrant and largest ethnically diverse societies.

Exciting Lifestyles

The climate of Long Beach is temperate throughout the year, making it perfect for off-shore sailing. There is a protected Marine Stadium competition zone. True to its name, the city has plenty of residents that take to water easily, in fields that range from indoor diving, swimming, and water polo, to outdoor rowing, and sailing, activities that are also ideal for tourists who love aquatic sports.

Local residents as well as guests take pleasure from one of the country’s most varied lifestyle and entertainment events that include a bustling theater scene. Long Beach Playhouse, which has been in continuous operation for more than 75 years, presents shows 50 weeks out of each year on two stages.

Bastion of Business

Long Beach City Life

The Wells Fargo Building in Long Beach, CA.

With a total area of 51.437 square miles, Long Beach has nine Council Districts upholding the socio-economic interests of local residents and visitors.

Assorted business establishments dot the city – restaurants featuring local, international and fusion cuisine, bars, art galleries, bookshops, bakeshops and pastry shops, department stores, supermarkets, clothing stores, music houses, sports houses – every and any business that you can think of is practically within walking distance of each other.

There’s also the shipping port, one of the world’s largest, and the container port, which is the second busiest in the United States. Manufacturers include major players in the following industries and business sectors: aircraft, car parts, home furnishings, and electronic and audiovisual equipment.

Enthusiast of the Arts

In counterpoint to the thriving business interests in Long Beach are the socio-cultural hotspots that include the Long Beach Museum of Art, the Museum of Latin American art, shops and streets galleries. Long Beach is famous for its support of street art as a means of cultural and creative expression.

For more on the artistic side of life, Long Beach takes pride in the Conservatory of Music, the Long Beach Symphony, and the Long Beach Opera. There are also the numerous much-loved music festivals, some of the most famous of which are: the Bob Marley Reggae Festival held in February, the Cajun & Zydeco Festival in May, the El Dia De San Juan Puerto Rican Festival that features salsa music, held in June,  the Aloha Concert Jam featuring Hawaiian music, also held in June, the Long Beach Jazz Festival in August, the Long Beach Blues Festival in September (a popular event since 1980), and the Brazilian Street Carnival featuring Brazilian music in September.