Discover Naples Island – A Beautiful Neighborhood by the Water

Naples Island is a beautiful neighborhood in Long Beach, California.  It consists of 3 islands in the Alamitos Bay.  These islands are split up by a canal system which flows between them and then lead on to the bay.  The canal system running between these islands, makes you feel like you are almost in the Naples City in Italy, but you didn’t need to leave California to get there.  As soon as you arrive at Naples Island, you will be taken aback by the sheer beauty of the place.  It’s like stepping into another world.  The beautiful homes along the gorgeous canals make this place both charming and serene.

This neighborhood is small but very pretty, and there is plenty to see and do.  The best part is just taking in the breathtaking water views.  Spending a day, afternoon, or evening on Naples Island is described as a very fun and relaxing experience.  The atmosphere is quiet and peaceful, and some say quite romantic.

Naples Island is a great place to go for a nice relaxing walk.  You can take a stroll, rest on a bench, or sit by the large fountain, which is often used as a meeting spot.  Stay and watch the gorgeous sunset, or watch the boats as they go by.  Maybe even enjoy an ice cream.

Many like to go to Naples Island just to go for a nice walk and look at all the interesting houses in this beautiful neighborhood.  It can be fun to look at all the pretty gardens, and unique architecture.  Most of the homes that line the canals are multi-million dollar houses, with many having their own private boat docks.  Residents are friendly, and know that many people love to come and look at all the amazing homes in this small neighborhood.

To get on the water, you can go boating or swimming, rent a kayak, or go for a lovely gondola ride on a real Venetian gondola.  This is a great romantic experience for couples.  Or just sit back, relax and watch others go by on the gondolas, or see people kayak, or paddleboard in the canals.

You may also want to dine at one of the restaurants, or go shopping at Naples Island, which has quite a funky shopping vibe.

Naples Island is a unique and beautiful place.  It’s quiet, calm, and peaceful and has very pretty scenery to enjoy.  Spending an afternoon in this hidden gem is an absolute delight.

Sunset at Long Beach, California

Sunset at Long Beach, California