Beautiful Views and Great Fun at the Long Beach Waterfront

The Long Beach Waterfront is a unique place full of fun and activities.  There are many lovely sights to see and many fun things to do.  Plus it has some amazing views of the water.  Amongst the beautiful scenery and water views, there are ferries, boats, restaurants, shops, a lighthouse, and more.  And it has a really relaxing atmosphere that the locals and travelers really enjoy.  The Long Beach Waterfront is great place to go for families and couples, it’s easy to get around, and you can always find something to suit everyone’s age and taste.

There are lots of beautiful sights to see at the Long Beach Waterfront.  The ocean looks beautiful, often with calm water and great color.  People love to go there to just see the spectacular views.  It’s a place where you can just go and sit to admire the view, and rest by the water.  And there are some fantastic views across the bay.  Sitting by the water is especially lovely during the evenings, where you can relax and soak in your surroundings.  The scenery is beautiful, the air is fresh, and you can often feel a gentle breeze.  This just adds to the experience.  It’s also a great place to take photos, especially during the twilight hours, it looks very pretty.

You will never find yourself without something to do at the Long Beach Waterfront, as there are plenty of activities.  It’s a great spot to go for a nice walk or run, or to ride a bike or roller skate.  You can dine at a great restaurant or have a drink at one of the bars by the water.  There are also often celebrations and events taking place right on the beach.  And if you like boating, you can rent a boat or enjoy watching the boats go by.

Walking around the waterfront is very enjoyable, and you will find there are lots of nice spots to explore.  Walk on the boardwalk, by the marina, or head to the lighthouse to really take in the sights.  Here you can watch the boats as they come in, and look at all the different boats docked at the pier.

View of the Long Beach Lighthouse from Boat

View of the Long Beach Lighthouse from Boat

As well as having many sights to see, the Long Beach Waterfront also has a lot of great restaurants.  With so many dining options, it’s easy to see why so many Long Beach residents praise the great food found here.  It’s a lovely experience to have lunch or dinner by the water, and afterwards you can go for a nice stroll, or sit and have a drink as you enjoy the scenery and lovely fresh air.  It’s also quite a fun place to go shopping, with many cute little shops as well as plenty of tourist shops.

Very many locations, restaurants, and shops are quite easy to get to by walking, but there are other means of travel which are also quite fun.  Those who would like to get around by water can take a water taxi.  These are very cheap for a boat ride, and enable you to get a great look at the scenery.  Another boat ride you can take is the Aqua Link.  Also for a very affordable cost, this boat goes right along the coast.  Take in the beautiful sights, as you get to where you want to go.

Spend an afternoon or evening at the Long Beach Waterfront and enjoy yourself as you walk, dine, shop and more, with breathtaking water views.