Amazing Marine Life at Long Beach

One of the most beautiful sights to see in Long Beach, California, is the amazing marine life.  Whether you are on holiday in the area, or a long term resident, this is definitely something not to be missed, and something the whole family can enjoy.

Whale Watching Cruises at Long Beach

To see the wonderful marine life of the Pacific Ocean in its full glory at Long Beach, I suggest two ways: by either visiting the Aquarium of the Pacific or by going on a lovely sightseeing Whale Watching Cruise.  The aquarium offers tons of exhibits with many different kinds of marine animals, and great ways to interact with them, up close and personal.  And whale watching cruises offer the chance to see large beautiful whales (sometimes very many), in their natural environment, along with dolphins and sea lions.  Both are incredible sights to see, memorable experiences, and a great day out.  I recommend doing both!


The Aquarium of the Pacific

Find out more and start planning your visit to the Aquarium of the Pacific at their site here.

Find out more and start planning your visit to the Aquarium of the Pacific at their site here.

Not to be missed by those visiting Long Beach, and a fun day out for anyone is a day spent at the Aquarium of the Pacific.  This impressive aquarium is the 4th largest in the US, has over 11,000 animals from almost 500 species from the Pacific Ocean.  With over 50 world class exhibits, this is the place to go to see and learn about the wonders of the ocean.  There are even educational activities you can take part in:  take part in a fun hands on activity, or listen to a scientist give a lecture.  And as it is designed to cater for all ages, it’s a great activity for the whole family.

With so many different activities and exhibits, there really is something for everyone to enjoy.  Go see the adorable baby penguins, and seal pups, and then to the spooky but interesting shark lagoon, with over 150 sharks, and shark touch pools!  And for those who enjoy the arts, the long beach ballet even perform there from time to time.  It’s a must for animal lovers, and for those curious about our oceans.


Whale Watching Cruises at Long Beach

For a very unique and memorable experience, go on a whale watching tour at Long Beach.  This is a great chance to see whales and dolphins in their natural environment, and is just a beautiful sight to see.  Depending on the time of year, you are able to see blue whales feeding or the annual incredible viewing of a large scale grey whale migration.  The amazing Blue Whale, the largest mammals in the world, is commonly sighted on these whale watching tours.  Other whales sometimes seen are Fin Whales, Gray Whales, Minke Whales and Humpback Whales.  Also often sighted is the common dolphin, sometimes hundreds of them!  As well as, pods of bottlenose dolphins, sea lions, sea lion pups, and many different species of birds.  These cruises make for a lovely afternoon out, and are a great activity for all ages.  It’s great for animal lovers, cruise lovers, ocean lovers and for those who enjoy great scenery.  Don’t forget to bring your camera!

Whale Watching at Long Beach

There are a few companies offering whale watching cruises at Long Beach, including Newport Landing Whale Watching and Davey’s Locker.  Have a look at their Whale Counts where you can see daily sightings and get an idea of how many of these beautiful creatures you may be able to see on your tour.


There is nothing quite like spending the day, watching and learning about the beautiful marine life we have in our oceans.  It’s a lot of fun, it’s beautiful to see, it’s educational, and it’s very enjoyable!  And you can see it a great deal of it right here in Long Beach!  Plan a memorable marine life experience for your next day off!