A Hidden Oasis from the City – The Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden

On the campus of the California State University in Long Beach there is a beautiful oasis.  It’s so close to the city but once you are there, you wouldn’t believe it to be.  Walking into the garden is like walking into a beautiful landscape, it is just stunning.  This small, but magnificently maintained garden is described as unique, very beautiful, and very peaceful.

This gorgeous, one of a kind garden is a real special little treat, which you will certainly appreciate once you get there.  It’s a great place to find peace as it has a very serene and calming atmosphere.  Take a lovely stroll though the garden, or go there for reflection or meditation.  Its elegant beauty gives you a very calming serenity right in the middle of the city.  And it is also very beautiful to see in the evening as well as the day.

Although this lovely Japanese Garden is quite small in size, it has a large variety of beautiful plants as well as stone artwork to admire.  It is interesting to look at all the Japanese plants and trees, including gorgeous Bonsai trees.  There is also a lovely pond with brightly colored Koi fish in it.  At this garden you can look at the pretty garden and all of its details, watch the fish, enjoy being in the midst of very beautiful scenery, and enjoy the nice weather.

The Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden

Sights to see in the garden include beautiful flowers, neatly manicured trees, a traditional curved bridge, falling water, a beautiful pond, and some birds.  One of the garden’s features is a perfect stone Zen rock garden, which is an absolutely beautiful display.  There is also a tea house which is used occasionally for tea ceremonies and has seasonal displays throughout the year.  And the back of the garden has a cute little house where one can go to sit and meditate, relax, or do some reading or writing.

All these features make it a great place for the budding or professional photographer as there are so many interesting, colorful, and intricate sights to photograph.

The Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden is very easy to get to, and parking is not a problem.  It is a good idea to call ahead before going there though, to make sure it is open, as it does have set open hours and can sometimes be unavailable during the week and on public holidays.

This is the place to go on your own, for a quiet walk to reflect.  But it also is a nice experience to go with friends and family.  Children will enjoy feeding the Koi fish with the food charming you can purchase.  It also makes for a very pretty date, as it’s quite romantic to walk around the pond and bask in the lovely surroundings.  This garden is also a popular spot for small intimate weddings, as the scenery is just so beautiful.

Visiting the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden is a wonderful experience.  The scenery of the garden is just amazing and entering it feels like you have just entered a picture postcard or a garden in Japan all of a sudden.  It is a shame that many people who live in the area don’t even know about this hidden gem, or have heard about it but never been.  Trust me, it’s worth the trip!  Once there, you will feel the beauty and tranquility surround you, and it will be very hard to believe that you are still in the city.