6 Favorite Long Beach, California Dining and Nightlife Delights

New to the Long Beach, California dining and nightlife scene? Confused about the vast array of great restaurants to choose from? Here’s a simple guide for you.

Keep in mind that this is not complete (Long Beach has HUNDREDS of dining places, bars, and clubs, each with their own specialty cuisine and drinks), but it will do just as well for an introduction to the dining and nightlife delights of Long Beach, California.Burger and Fries - Dining in Long Beach

555 East

With a name that’s so easy to remember, 555 East, a steakhouse, comes up with hard-to-forget prime cut beef done to perfection as you want it.

Dining pleasure is heightened in a tranquil wood and marble ambiance. This restaurant has a commendable wine cellar for capping off a great steak dinner.

Georges Greek Cafe

Hankering for an authentic Mediterranean taste? Georges Greek Cafe is the restaurant that can fulfill such a need. It has branches in Pinewood, 2nd Street, and Lakewood. Georges is family owned and operated, so taking your meals there guarantees you the hospitality of an expansive Greek family.

On Friday nights, Georges features its kleftico special which is slow roasted lamb. On Saturdays, a belly dancing performance is highlighted in the Greek Cafe.

Agaves Kitchen & Tequila

If the Long Beach nightlife is more your speed, come visit the Mexican Bistro that’s a favorite among both locals and tourists.

Agaves Kitchen & Tequila  offers modern Mexican cuisine.  This is complemented by a considerable Tequila & Mescal selection. Agaves has live entertainment, a happy hour, and space for private events you may have in mind.

Michael’s Ristorante

Located at East 2nd St., Naples Island, Long Beach, this deceptively so-simply named restaurant can seat 111 customers. There are two floors for dual pleasure. The first floor is preferred only for dining, while the 2nd floor is for al fresco dining (“eating outside”) and/or enjoying drinks casually with friends before the lighted fireplace.
Dishes are combination of recipes from both the Northern and Southern regions of Italy.Sushi in Long Beach

Sushi Saurus

Those who love Japanese food will surely go ga-ga over Sushi Saurus’ menu that features the freshest catch from the sea.

An added attraction is the reasonable prices for food and drinks. What’s more, this restaurant gives a 30-50% discount all day long, every day! That’s hard to beat!

Clancy’s Irish Pub and Restaurant

The Irish are renowned for their love of drink, and their ability to stay steady even after a drinking binge. Well, that particularly trait has been carried over to Long Beach, courtesy of Clancy’s Irish Pub and Restaurant.

The special feature of this pub lies in its stock of 16 of the best and greatest beers of the world, which Clancy’s sells at local prices.  Isn’t life just grand?

Fellow travelers, who have visited Long Beach before, can attest to the high quality provided by the few selections that were mentioned above.

But of course, as has been said, there are many, many more dining and drinking establishments to choose from. There’s always something for anyone at Long Beach, California, so make the best out of the opportunity to visit and go find out why this city has become a tourist favorite.